25 achievements of the beautiful things

From the outside into a charming woman, you need to do » In fact, as long as the completion of 25, beautiful will be at your fingertips, you believe that? » 1, Scientific and wash your face Wash your face is intended to keep the skin clean. On the skin of many organizations, such as the sebaceous gland, sweat glands, skin, and so will be easy to produce because of metabolic and dirt, no matter if the laissez-faire, it will cause acidification and nonporous sebum plug, resulting in contact dermatitis, or even sensitive skin. Therefore, the correct way is to wash your face is particularly important. Every morning after getting up and go home after work, two cleansing is the best time. Especially for the regular make-up of the OL who will need more time to a minimum with cosmetics, so the best one Xidiao Jinjia Men on the faces of the dirt and make-up. Cleansing the water temperature to about 30 ℃ suitable. Can not be used hot water, heat absorbed by the skin because of excess fat, skin more vulnerable to drying, and destroyed the original flexibility and shiny, easy to wrinkles, nor too cold water available, because although the cold water to clean The surface dirt, but can not clean pores in the Chengou and excess fat. And around 30 ℃ with the warm water wash your face, you can make pores open, clean more thoroughly on the skin will not cause harm. 2, salt to the skin detoxification Salt with the well-known anti-inflammatory effects of sterilization, in fact, it's very unique detoxification effect. If you are oily skin, try a teaspoon of salt and honey Leveling Draw Frame, Tu and gently massage the face five minutes after the wash away with water. Salt has deep clean pores of the skin, and the water is timely honey skin nutrition, the first day sooner or later, the skin can help eliminate toxins. 3, soft close underwear Select a elegant color, texture and comfortable fitting underwear, enjoy it for its personal care, the need to reveal skin in the summer it is particularly important. To tie in with a shoulder harness or clothing, can be considered that the use of shoulder strap styles. 4, the summer heat tea drinking Changyin Hot summer are particularly vulnerable Shanghuo, and the fire will not only lead to vigorous health Anchuang skin, will also affect life and work status. Proposals in the summer heat can often Hexie detoxification of tea drinking or soup, so he has a refreshing summer. Materials: Angelica, Shude, the TGP and Chuanxiong 15 grams, five grams Rose fruit, Guiyuan, jujube and Heizao, Chinese wolfberry appropriate Approach: all the materials Boiling water, boiling to Java after drinking two, three times taking. Taking every 12 days once. Role: For a gas-poor physical weakness, can nourish the body, to maintain in environmental protection, skin whitening, skin health flexible. 5, room-species of plants suitable for you You know Mody » Color and emotions are strange correspondence. Xi Zeba color psychologists said: "It's like vitamin Ziyang Pin is the same color is also helpful to the brain nutrients." In all colors, the green plant with the quality of harmony, the treatment of depressive mood help. Red is a potent combustion of energy, "and blood Pinggan, Yangwei, Kuanxiong". And purple, can stimulate tissue growth, wound healing. Therefore, in the office or home may wish to put some more related to the Huashi color or potted it. 6, two days a week vegetarian The opportunity to stomach rest. Because too much greasy food or irritation, in the metabolism of a large amount toxin, causing the huge burden of gastroenteritis, while appropriate to add some vitamin C, vitamin E and other antioxidants to help the body eliminate free radicals. Eat more fresh food and organic food, less processed foods, fast food and soft drinks, because they contain more preservatives, colouring materials. 7, DIY mask wrinkles murder This is a popular time in India, the Fumian methods, papaya and honey mixed with the most murders can mask the natural wrinkles. Mixed into the two Nizhuang, apply to the face 15 minutes later wiped clean, will be able to play the film effectiveness. 8, eye not old massage Massage is to enable a good way of eye movement, often in front of the computer work of women, often feel that the eyes are tired and sore, but there are dark circles, fine lines and swelling (panda eyes), may wish to use eye suitable for their own maintenance products At the same time, trying to eye with the appropriate massage. This approach not only allows her eyes get relief, but also can promote blood circulation, reduce fine lines and eye swelling phenomenon. Reduce fine lines and dark circles dilute Step1: first Yanwei, fingers fingertips to light in the eye of the press around the eyes to the first position, repeated moves to seven to eight times. Step2: eyes shut, using ring finger fingertips, in the eyes of the way around the circle, eyes start to do in light of the massage (a pressure of a release), the duplication of action to do seven or eight times. 9, orange juice with brown sugar soft lips Lips are the most exposed body, but at least be the site of care, it also had to endure the make-up without blocking the injury, dryness, peeling lips became inevitable situation. May wish to take two days per week, using a teaspoon of brown sugar配上new pressing for the orange juice into a paste, apply on the lips in a few minutes. Carbohydrate, cereal is the most natural gentle to skin cream, orange juice and the acid contained in the components can be very good to remove dead skin. Xidiao "lip film" In the future, immediately wipe containing antioxidant ingredients and also that SPF value of the Run-lipstick, can protect the delicate lips from the external environment harm. 10, Nongchafuyan Ended in front of the computer's tired of the day, you feel sore eyes, dry. Do not rush to buy eye drops, try the simplest way. Nongcha boiling a pot and let cool, wash the eyes, and then take two cotton ball with tea Jinshi, eyes closed, deposited on the eyelid. Five minutes to relax, to some unpleasant things. This will reduce your eyes fatigue, bright eyes of God. 11, fill your home with fragrance Air dry the skin-productive. May wish to self-aromatic air spray method, both fun and inexpensive, but also for your body no harm. In distilled water in the infusion made from oil sprays oil molecules can spread through aerosol in the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere for indoor aromatic, while the effectiveness of both the skin moisture. Step1: Add to be 30 ml distilled water sprayers. Step2: infusion 3-6 drops essential oil. Step3: to use the full Yaoyun after. Suggestions: Add the oil sprays not suitable for storage, the best time spent at a later stage to create a new spray. 12, and more with friends and family together This is an excellent way of enhancing psychological immunity. Psychologists tell us that when you together with like-minded friends, because feel friendship and social recognition, the human immune system will be in good condition. To prove this point of view, Paris physical and mental health center staff to participate in the study of the human influenza virus and contacts, and then by the researchers track and monitor the conditions of their social interaction. The results showed that, and the friends, family, colleagues and the longer time with the people the smaller the risk of influenza. At the same time, hugging and touching, and other physical contact also enables the body's immune cells become more active, let your body healthy, bright skin. 13, a woman aromatic Apart from the use of perfume, there are many ways you can help aromatic a whole summer. You can join the body drops of milk, lavender, sandalwood or mint oil, and then evenly coated body, it allows you the nerve it Yizhen, then perhaps someone will ask you on the strange and wonderful flavor from the He came oh! 14, with optimal facial cream You are not always at a very dry and there are air-conditioned environment » If so, you need to find a humidor Face cream. You often work in the outdoors? » If so, you need a mix of anti-oxidation and sunscreen ingredients of quality face cream. Emulsion cream with the biggest difference is that the majority of face cream with all the care function, skin becomes moisture, Bai Xi, and be flexible and reduce wrinkles. 15, a dance Institute Use of leisure time to learn a dance bar. Whether ballet, or Latin, or African dance and belly dance, can be "transparent flu, warm, sexy," a beautiful build the three new laws. And can produce such a perfect build the new "Dance" will inevitably be a warm concern. Bodybuilding experts think that, in addition to tall sculpture, dance for health benefits are extraordinary. 16, fell in love with the United States Saihong Sai Hong moment is allow you to the best way to look younger. Hongrun the cheek will let you look more youthful Keren, a very sweet, so that you become an instant healthy and dynamic beauty. Sai Hong addition to the facial skin you can increase the Hong Run flu to create Fennen transparent colour, but also can be modified facial lines. 17, lasting have a beautiful color To maintain a happy childhood as the feelings of women is the best Zhu Yan tips. At home, their time alone may wish to regain their childhood mischievous game, let joy with the strings of a bubble filled. 18, let us jump bar I suggest you should always jump jump. Because the jump can be strong bones, prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis. The time when their jump to jump, do not have too much time, every day as long as the jump one minute is enough. Can also try rope skipping, so even the arm can also be tempered with. 19, inverted a lot of benefits Li gesture to promote blood circulation in various organs, skin and hair will also benefit. Beginner, you can start from the shoulder inverted: supine, legs bending a right angle, and then extend upward, from the hip, with two-handed support, the scapula, abdomen, buttocks and legs have been as much as possible into line. Maintain this position until the feeling of difficulty. 20, two mild sunscreen Although the Office of the OL will not see too many of the daily sunshine, but also is precisely because of this, these women are thin and Baixi skin, light resistance is weak, so it more easily than most people sunburn, the more necessary Note sunscreen work. The high SPF products will make skin feel sick, therefore, proposed a day sooner or later have to work at the appropriate Tu mild sunscreen, especially in the work, although after 15 o'clock the sun and not so Strong, but still need to work half an hour before applying the sunscreen SPF15. 21, flashing muscle - Summer is the season PARTY more, to the dazzling lights flashing, try this simple approach: incorporation of the body of a small amount of milk Liangfen, scrubbing evenly spread after the body, can be both moisture and Liangze The performance. 22, fresh color This season, is full of fresh colors and costumes Zhuangrong the mainstream. And Kongque Lan, the United Kingdom are green and purple mature women can be bold use of color. May wish to acquisition of a number of such hue Yiqun, Zhuangrong, color and eye shadow is the Yanxian achievements of the essential beauty of the summer. 23, yoga breathing This is an adjustment to the body through the respiratory and skin conditions within the state of the method - seated or standing, with the nose of breath, abdominal contraction at the same time, actions should be consistent, each under 40 for a breathing, exercises every day five , Can effectively promote blood circulation, improve digestion and remove waste and toxins, the skin from the outside to maintain Hong Run and shiny. 24, functional BRA Long is the chest, and enhance the functionality of the Fengman effect this season BRA is the latest darling of women. They can make your body becomes a perfect moment, with this season's popular with open skin is flawless. Therefore, you abandon the traditional concept of home for their own sets of the functions of brassieres beautiful bar, it exquisite lace and delicate lace the color of爱不释手also will let you. 25, Kiss Me Beauty can also kiss Mody » The answer is: absolutely can. Very simple, you just standing around you can crush with a partner to Unilever. Unilever and romantic couples not only to promote the exchange of feelings, can promote blood circulation to the effect of weight loss? A warm kiss will make more than 30 facial muscles in a state of tension. This can make skin more smooth and can also accelerate blood circulation. Perhaps kissing than the effect of the use of skin cream and some do even better film. Of course, compared with the process to kiss people much more comfortable.